Travel in Dubai by air, land, water and hyperloop

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Dubai is a city of opportunity, embracing technology and where it’s possible to travel in Dubai by land, water air and hyperloop! Challenge yourself and see how many different transport modes you can take on your next visit to Dubai.

Traversing Dubai in the air

Travel DubaiThere are several helicopter companies what offer tours and charters. Fly through the sky like you’re on an army mission. There are several helipads for take-off and landing within Dubai, including the Burj Al Arab Resort. There’s a Hot Air Balloon offering morning scenic flights out in the desert, you’ll just need to be up early.

Fly with us
Make a serious splash with and travel via seaplane! Soar through the air, relax while taking in the stunning Dubai skyline and delight in the spray rainbows from the water when you land. Seawings are the only seaplane tour operator in the UAE and offer a wide range of scenic flights and charter options to suit. You’ll also be experiencing a piece of Dubai’s history, as our seaplanes land on Dubai Creek, which is the very same stretch of water as the original ‘flying boats’ of the 1930s.  Our Seawings Silver flight is the ultimate tour of Dubai, and you'll get to see all of Dubai's iconic attractions on this full 45 minute experience.

Traversing Dubai on land

Travel DubaiThe simplest way to travel in Dubai is to walk, although it can be challenging in the heat. There are some pleasant walking tracks along Jumeirah Beach and the Dubai Water Canal. Dubai is slowly getting more bike friendly with new cycle tracks popping up throughout the city too. Dubai’s Metro stations all have bike parking, so you can easily connect to the system. Just remember to wear a helmet (it’s compulsory here) and lock your bike securely.

You can’t step outside without spotting a tan coloured RTA taxis. Some drivers are less experienced, so it’s a good idea to check the route first. Just don’t get caught out at 4pm when it’s time for shift change. There are also two main rideshare services in Dubai – Careem which is Dubai’s home-grown driver service that also allows you to book RTA taxis, and Uber which is well-known worldwide.

If you’re looking for luxury why not take a chauffeured limousine? Nothing says sophistication like being chauffeured to your destination in a limousine. Get complimented on your impeccable style, take those business calls like a boss and put the V in VIP. If you prefer to self-drive check out the luxury car rental companies and take your pick from exotic Lamborghinis, classic Bentleys and pimped out Mercedes G Wagons.

travel DubaiIf you want to do your bit for the environment you could take public transport. The Dubai Metro system spans 75 km with the majority of the route shadowing Dubai’s main highway. There are carriages dedicated for women and children, as well as VIP carriages up front in gold class. The Metro does tend to be more crowded around peak travel times. Bus services also run throughout the city connecting people to stations.

Looking to the future a new hyperloop project by Hyperloop One has been confirmed to connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Public trials are set to begin in 2018, and it’s said the service has the potential to hit speeds of up to 1000 km/hr. The service is planned to commence within five years, watch this space!

Traversing Dubai on water

Travel DubaiDubai is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, with Dubai Creek and Water Canal winding through the heart of downtown and throughout the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. This means there are plenty of offshore islands to explore and opportunities to travel in Dubai by boat.

Sail on Dubai’s new RTA Water Taxi service which connects locations along the Dubai Canal, Jumeirah, The Palm and Dubai Marina. You can book via the website, or simply jump on the Dubai Ferry which has several sailings per day to a few key stations.

If you’d like to take a trip back in time, travel in Dubai by Abra. The traditional Abra boats have been in Dubai since the city was founded, get across Dubai canal for as little as 1 Dhs and experience a colourful slice of the city’s past.

What did you think of the options to travel in Dubai by land, water and air? Are there any other ways you can think of? Join us for a seaplane tour of Dubai on your next visit to Dubai.

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