Solo trip to Dubai: 7 Places to visit on a budget

Posted by Jade Lucas on 14 Jun 2018

Dubai is famous for being glitzy and glamourous. If you have money in Dubai, you can really have it all. But, if you’re on a budget is it still possible to explore the city? The answer is yes! If you’re smart about it there’s a surprising number of Dubai places to visit that are free, cheap, and plenty of fun, even if you’re on a solo trip.

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Travel in Dubai by air, land, water and hyperloop

Posted by Seawings team on 24 Oct 2017
Dubai is a city of opportunity, embracing technology and where it’s possible to travel in Dubai by land, water air and hyperloop! Challenge yourself and see how many different transport modes you can take on your next visit to Dubai.

Topics: ways to commute in Dubai, Dubai tours, scenic flights, travel in Dubai

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