Unique, family-friendly tours of Dubai

Posted by Jade Lucas on 04 Apr 2018

Dubai is a name that conjures up visions of middle eastern adventures, desert safaris and the tallest tower in the world! There’s lots to explore for families with plenty of action-packed theme parks and attractions to visit, as well as the newly opened Dubai Safari. Touring with children in tow can get challenging, so we’ve rounded up our favourite family friendly tours of Dubai. Check them out below.

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Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai at Night: The Perfect Romantic Night out

Posted by Jade Lucas on 03 Apr 2018

Dubai is a city of dazzling light, and only really comes into play after dark which is perfect for ‘romancing’. The vibrant dining and bar scene means that you are spoiled for choice when looking for a romantic night out. However, it means there is a lot to choose from! We’ve done the hard work for you and picked out our favourite spots for dinner, a drink and even a simple evening stroll.

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10 Fun Things To Do In Dubai Ramadan | UPDATED 2018 LIST

Posted by Jade Lucas on 18 Mar 2018

Ramadan is a time when Dubai quietens down for a month of reflection, giving and faith. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do – there are actually plenty of fun things to do in Dubai for Ramadan this 2018. The nightly Iftar and Suhoor feasts are definitely a highlight!

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What's on in the Emirates: April 2018

Posted by Seawings team on 15 Mar 2018

There's no slowing down on the events calendar as the winter season comes to a close! Whether you’re a culture vulture or sports-mad spectator there's so much happening in the UAE.  Take the kids out for a spectacular show on ice or take in a moving performance at the Opera - there’s always something on in the Emirates!

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Top nine best things to do in Dubai: April 2018

Posted by Jade Lucas on 11 Mar 2018

April in Dubai is all about making the most of the beautiful weather before the summer heat kicks in. We’ve picked out some great activities to do outdoors as well as some fun events to head along to.

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Burj Khalifa Tour: Astonishing Views From The Tallest Building in The World

Posted by Seawings team on 19 Feb 2018

When visiting Dubai, a trip to the tallest tower in the world is a must. Standing at an impressive 831m high the building holds several world records, and a Burj Khalifa tour is the only way to explore this fascinating structure. You’ll see the city from the world’s highest observation deck and ride on an elevator with the world’s longest travel distance. The striking design is inspired by the hymenocallis desert flower, and with both the Dubai Mall and Fountains at its feet, the tower is a great base from which to explore Dubai’s downtown area.

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Romantic dhow dinner cruise in Dubai

Posted by Seawings team on 13 Feb 2018

When many people think about things to do in Dubai, a Dhow cruise doesn’t often first come to mind. However, the Dhow sailing boats have a special place in the history and culture of the Arabic people. Dubai has a strong sea-going heritage which is kept alive today, and the traditional sailing vessels are a common sight on the city’s waterways and ports. These heritage vessels make for a romantic setting for an evening with your special someone.

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Lesser known Dubai attractions: 2018 Hidden Gems

Posted by Seawings team on 11 Feb 2018

If you take a peek beyond Dubai attractions like the megamalls and theme parks, you’ll discover a strong, vibrant local culture and intriguing landscapes ripe to explore. We’ve been flying guests across the Emirates for more than ten years, so have built up a fair bit of local knowledge over this time. From family friendly days out to dramatic desert rides we’ve put together some of our favourite hidden gems around the city.

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Go on a sightseeing tour of Dubai

Posted by Seawings team on 09 Feb 2018

Dubai has a rich history built upon pearl diving and fishing, and initially began as a small fishing village on the banks of Dubai Creek. It was the discovery of oil in 1966 that really saw the city take off and grow into the vibrant city we see today with towering skyscrapers and world-famous attractions.

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Dubai Sightseeing Tips for First-Time Visitors to the Middle East

Posted by Jade Lucas on 07 Feb 2018

The Middle East has an air of exotic intrigue, with a fascinating culture and history to explore. In Dubai itself there are curious contradictions between ultra-modern skyscrapers set against the vast desert landscape. So, what are the best Dubai sightseeing tips for new visitors?

Topics: Dubai tours, things to do in Dubai, dubai attractions, sightseeing in Dubai

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