Top ten luxury tours in Dubai

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If you’re looking for luxury Dubai is a city that does VIP service like no other! There are so many experiences to choose from with exhilarating seaplane tours, delicious dinner cruises, dramatic desert outings and more. To help you out we’ve carefully curated our top ten luxury tours in Dubai.

Top ten luxury tours in Dubai

1. Private seaplane tour of Dubai's iconic attractions

top ten luxury tours in Dubai

One of the best ways to explore Dubai is from the sky, and there's nothing like the thrill of a seaplane flight, especially when you have the entire plane all to yourself!  Soar into the sky  and experience the thrill of a water take off and landing. Carefully crafted to include all of Dubai’s iconic attractions, you'll have plenty of time to relax, and everyone has their own window seat ensuring uninterrupted views. See stunning vistas of the city’s most world-famous attractions such as Burj Khalifa, the sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab Hotel, Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands - the impressive 300 island archipelago resembles a world map.  Your flight will take you over golden beaches, glittering marinas and islands before gliding back to where you began. You will enjoy the VIP treatment from start to finish with private limousine transfers and welcome refreshments included.  Should you wish to pamper your group champagne or cake that is easily arranged, find out more about this luxury tour here

2. The At.mosphere and Burj Khalifa experience

top ten luxury tours in DubaiIf you’re looking for the absolute height of luxury then look no further than this city tour finishing with a decadent high tea at At.mosphere. It’s your choice whether you want to add the champagne and caviar to this incredible experience. You’ll explore the world’s tallest building, marvelling at the intricate structure inspired by the delicate Spider Lily, a desert flower native to the region. After taking in views from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa you’ll finish at the world’s highest restaurant - At.mosphere. Famed for their high tea featuring fine roasts, seasonal vegetables, luscious deserts and bespoke teas you will be utterly spoiled.

3. Private seaplane tour and wildlife safari at Al Maha Desert Resort

top ten luxury tours in DubaiJust because you’re heading to the desert doesn’t mean you have to skip modern comforts. On this decadent desert tour you will be transferred by private car to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club where your seaplane awaits. Take in the Burj Khalifa and other iconic sights before touching down on the waters at Dubai Creek. From there you will be whisked to Al Maha resort located next to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Here you'll explore the dunes, spotting local gazelle, wild hare and foxes on a 45 minute wildlife drive with an expert field guide. Finish your day with a delectable lunch or sip sundowners on the dunes and simply unwind in this luxury resort’s pool and elegant spa facilities.

4. Private Yacht Charter of Dubai

top ten luxury tours in DubaiDespite being known a desert city, Dubai has surprising network of waterways and stunning coastline. Explore by sea and sail Dubai Creek and the dazzling Arabian Sea on a chic, air-conditioned yacht. Relax and enjoy Dubai’s striking skyline from comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces on board. Your cruise can be customised to take in the attractions of your choice - the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa are all within easy reach. Delicate canapes or 5-star catering can be easily arranged for your guests – this bespoke experience makes it one of the top ten luxury tours in Dubai.

5. Cruise Dubai Creek on a unique dinner experience

top ten luxury tours in Dubai

Bateaux Dubai has been sailing Dubai Creek for a decade, and it remains a firm traveller favourite today.  While Dubai is known for being a desert city, the historic creek has played a key role in the city’s development, establishing it as a key trading port many years ago.  You’ll take in the sights of Dubai while enjoying a sumptuous meal in air conditioned comfort. The boat design features extensive glass so that you can simply relax and enjoy the views while listening to the live band. See the floating bridge, Deira Clock Tower, Dhow Wharf and more as you cruise along the waterway that circle Dubai’s downtown heart. Visit

6. Private Heritage Tour of Dubai's historic neighbourhoods

top ten luxury tours in Dubai

Seawings offer an intimate heritage tour with expert guides, finishing with a full traditional Arabic meal in Dubai’s oldest neighbourhood.  Discover ‘old-world’ Dubai and take in the historic heart of the city on foot and by boat. Feast your senses in the city’s glorious spice and gold souks, enjoy a traditional Abra boat ride and explore Dubai’s past in local museums. There’s no better way to understand a culture than through its food, and this colourful tour concludes with a traditional Arabic meal in the famous Al Bastikiya precinct. The beauty of this tour is that groups are no larger than six people, making this one of the best luxury tours in Dubai.  It's definitely a step above the large bus tours! We also offer this tour as a package with our 45 minute aerial tour mentioned above.  

6. Go on a Royal Safari

top ten luxury tours in Dubai

Be transported deep into Dubai’s desert where you’ll take to the dunes under the care of trained expert drivers on this Royal Safari. There’s a choice of vehicle - either a luxury Hummer or Land Cruiser.  With a maximum of only five guests per car it’s definitely a personalised driving experience across the dunes.  See first-hand how the skilled driver navigates the difficult shifting sands.  The tour finishes at the impressive Arabian Fortress for an evening of traditional music, dance and delicious Arabic dishes in an authentic setting under the stars.  

7. Private shopping tour of Dubai

top ten luxury tours in Dubai

Together with your driver and personal shopping guide you'll be taken on a very fashionable tour of Dubai's best shopping precincts in Downtown Dubai.  Explore the world-famous Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue, and Arabian Souk within, with guidance from your own  personal shopping assistant. Should you wish to extend your tour your guide will take you to a specialist perfumery, where you can create your own bespoke scent. If you wish to go further they will take you to the luxurious Jumeirah neighbourhood where you can explore high-end local boutiques. This is the ultimate fashionista's luxury tour in Dubai.

8. Private art and culture tour

top ten luxury tours in Dubai

This art and culture tour has three distinct stops that are sure to delight.  The courtyard will be the your first stop where you will discover timeless Arabian architecture and design.  Next you'll touch the contemporary art world at the cutting-edge Gate Village where many of Dubai's top galleries display the latest artworks from both local artists and global artists. Finally you'll finish in the historic neighbourhood of Al Bastakiya where you'll finish your day with a traditional meal.  This tour is dedicated to small groups only, so you can be assured of an intimate experience - this top ten luxury tour in Dubai is a must for culture vultures. 

9. Go behind the scenes at The Lost Chambers Aquarium on Atlantis

top ten luxury tours in Dubai
If you have the family with you, this one is a must-do! Go behind the scenes at the region's largest marine exhibit and learn more about a day in the life of one of the experts at The Lost Chambers, you'll also get to hear from the experts at the Fish Hospital and Nursery.  Even just walking through and seeing the tank full of 'Nemo' fish is a buzz for fans of the Finding Nemo series, and the fish feeding and tank cleaning sessions are fascinating to watch. To really make it special why not add a 'Shark Dive' experience for the older kids and adults?  Adding the behind the scenes aspect takes this tour to the next level, and makes our list for the top ten luxury tours in Dubai for families. 

10. Staycation at the Burj Al Arab

top ten five luxury tours in DubaiWhile this tour is not a proper tour as such, it’s certainly the ultimate in luxury. The Burj Al Arab is often referred to as the ‘only seven star hotel in the world’, and it would take several days to fully explore every aspect of this impressive resort. There are nine signature bars and restaurants, two infinity pools on the outdoor terrace (not including three in the spa) and butler serviced cabana spaces to unwind in. While this ‘tour’ is largely self-guided you will be spoiled for assistance. The hotel has a guest to staff ratio of eight to one suite, so take comfort in the knowledge that you will be absolutely looked after.

Let us know what you think of our top ten luxury tours in Dubai, are there any others that you think should’ve made the list?

Our expert team are here to help you with booking your next Dubai tour, whether it made our top ten luxury tours in Dubai or not. We have a wide range of packages and can assist in putting together a bespoke experience personalised for you.

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