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Ramadan is a time when Abu Dhabi quietens down for a month of  reflection, giving and faith. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing for you to do during the holy month. While during the day you’ll notice the pace of life generally slows, the city certainly comes into its own at night as people break their fasts. There are plenty of fun things to do in Abu Dhabi for Ramadan this 2018.

Check out our top ten list below, make some time to be with your friends and family and share in the spirit of Ramadan this year. The nightly Ifta and Suhoor feasts are definitely a highlight!

Fun things to do in Abu Dhabi: Ramadan 2018

fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan1. Enjoy a traditional Iftar or Suhoor

An Iftar meal is of the must-do experiences of the season and one of the most fulfilling cultural experiences to enjoy. They are a wonderful opportunity to experience the traditions of Islam, and experience the warmth of Emirati hospitality at its best. Iftar is the meal that breaks the day’s fasting at sunset, and is a special time for friends and family to get together, relax and refresh. These dinner events often go long into the night, and are one of the most fun things to do in Abu Dhabi for Ramadan.

Another option to try is Suhoor which is the pre-dawn meal, held in the early hours of the morning. This is traditionally held to give strength for the day of fasting ahead, and families often gather to pray.

fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan2. Shop the sales

Make the most of the air-con in the malls and make your way through the extensive Ramadan deals! Check your favourite stores for deals or simply browse the malls and see what takes your fancy – the Marina, Galleria and Yas Malls combined will have enough to satisfy the most savvy shopper. Perhaps you could pick something up something new to wear to your Iftar event?

fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan3. Soar through the sky with Seawings

Celebrate the best of the Emirates with a thrilling seaplane flight, you’ll get to take in the world-famous landmarks that put Abu Dhabi on the map, and gives you a sense of how far the Emirate has come. Enjoy quality time with the kids and point out your favourite landmarks. The new Louvre museum look amazing from the sky, depending on where you live, you might even be able to find your home! Take time out with the family and see the city from a unique perspective.

Mosque 3.jpg4. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There’s no better time to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, however over Ramadan you will need to be aware of when visitors are allowed and when it’s open to worshippers only. Given this is the holy month for Muslim, the mosque will be at its busiest so be sure to allow plenty of time to arrive and check the website for opening hours. 



fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan5. Learn about the city’s heritage

Take some time to learn more about the culture of Abu Dhabi, and hear about the traditions of the city. Visit the Heritage Village and get a feel for time gone by, or wander through one of the older neighbourhoods such as Al Danah and get a sense of the colourful locals. The nightly Iftar events play an important role in these old communities, and makes for a wonderful time to visit. If you really want to get to know the ins and outs of the city why not sign up for our private city tour? This includes the Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and more.

fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan6. Visit the Falcon Hospital and learn about the symbol of the Emirates

The falcon has a long history with the Bedouin people, and the art of falconry is highly respected today. Learn more about these fascinating creatures at the only purpose-built falcon hospital in the world – did you know each year it treats more than 11,000 majestic birds. You’ll need to book this experience in advance.


best things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan7. Make it a movie date

Escape the heat this Ramadan and take it to the theatre to check out one of the latest summer movie releases. This is a great activity to beat the heat, and something you can easily enjoy if you are fasting too. Just be sure to book in advance.



fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan8. Rejuvenate with a spa day

Many of the resorts and spas around town will run special promotions during Ramadan, and you’ll be able to find some great day spa deals. Ramadan is a time for caring and sharing, so why not take some time out to care for your body and keep it in tip top shape? Watch out on resort websites for packages, and make it a date with your friends.



fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan9. Visit your local art gallery

Ramadan is the perfect time to learn about local art and culture. Make your way to some of the top local galleries – a good place to start is the Abu Dhabi Art Hub, or go to the Etihad Modern Art Gallery. Gallery One is also a worthwhile spot to explore that has strong local roots. There is of course the Louvre Abu Dhabi which shows a world-class collection as well as highlighting local artists from the region too. 


fun things to do in Abu Dhabi Ramadan10. Give back to the local community

Ramadan is a time of giving, and there are plenty of organisations that are looking for extra volunteers or donations. Popular initiatives from previous years include food drives and care packages for overseas workers. While this doesn’t sound exciting, give it a go! Many volunteers find this the most fun thing to do in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan and end up returning year after year to help out.


fun things to do in Abu Dhabi RamadanWhy not make it a Ramadan to remember and fly with us this year? Get in touch with our friendly team and book in for a beautiful experience to share with your friends and family.

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