Eight Dubai key attractions from the air

Posted by Jade Lucas on Jan 17, 2018 10:46:41 AM

It’s incredible to think that Dubai started as a small settlement on the banks of Dubai Creek, but has in a short time grown to be world-famous for its impressive skyscrapers and building projects. While you can go to icons like the famous Palm Jumeirah at ground level, we think you get a much better perspective of Dubai’s key attractions from the sky.

The views you can enjoy from the air are impressive, and make incredible holiday photos and Instagram updates.

Here’s a list of eight Dubai key attractions best viewed from the air

1. Burj Khalifa - Downtown
Dubai key attractions

The world’s tallest tower does not disappoint and is definitely one of Dubai’s key attractions, and most famous landmark. This record breaking tower is 830m tall with a unique design inspired by the Hymenocallis desert flower. Set in the heart of Downtown Dubai you’ll see the other surrounding skyscrapers put into perspective. With Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain on its doorstep, the Burj Khalifa also makes for a great location to visit on foot too. 

2. The World Islands

Dubai key attractions

The World Islands are one of Dubai’s most ambitious projects. From the air you will enjoy sweeping views of the islands from the sky, where you can appreciate the entire ‘World’ spanning six kilometres. While 300 islands have been created, you’ll see that only one island is currently open to guests. Currently you’ll see work in progress for the ‘Heart of Europe’ which covers several islands and includes 14 hotels, luxury villas and a heart-shaped honeymoon island.

3. Burj Al Arab

Dubai key attractions

The Burj Al Arab is often referred to as the ‘only seven star hotel in the world’, and it would take several days to fully explore every aspect of this impressive resort. Standing 310m tall the hotel design is based on a sail, in acknowledgement of Dubai’s nautical heritage. There are nine signature bars and restaurants, two infinity pools on the outdoor terrace (not including three in the spa) and butler serviced cabana spaces to unwind in. You’ll be able to spot the helipad and impressive pool deck from the sky.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Dubai key attractions
Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is world-famous for its unique shape and size, and is another of Dubai’s key attractions. Visit one of the five-star hotels for lunch or head to one of the luxury beach clubs for an afternoon relaxing in the sun. There’s an 11km pedestrian boardwalk along the outside which is dotted with food trucks and free for people to access. While you won’t really get a true feel for the Palm at ground level, it’s a completely different story from the sky. We recommend taking one of our scenic seaplane tours which will give you amazing views of this incredible island, as well as other Dubai icons - the impressive Atlantis Resort is unmissable.

5. Dubai Creek

Dubai key attractions
This is an eye into Dubai’s past and will help you gain an understanding of the history and culture of the city. Look down and you will see traditional Abra boats which ferry across the river, as well as larger seagoing Dhow vessels traditionally used for fishing and pearl diving. There are no skyscrapers here - the city’s oldest architecture is situated on the banks of the creek, as are the famous gold and spice souks. Dubai Creek is also the same place that the original seaplanes of the 1930s first landed in Dubai.

6. Dubai Marina

Dubai key attractions

The world’s largest man-made marina is simply fascinating to see from the sky – with more than 200 high-rise towers dotted along the waters. Opened in 2003, this three kilometre stretch is home to popular restaurants, shops and cafes. There are often weekend events and markets, making this destination a popular spot for local residents and tourists. The beach has loungers, cabanas and changing facilities, making this a great spot to spend an afternoon.

7. Ain Dubai

Dubai key attractions

Set to be the largest observation wheel in the world, Ain Dubai is planned to be complete in 2018. Standing 210m high with 48 individual pods, it’s already a stand-out feature of Dubai. Located on Bluewaters Island, which will be connected by pedestrian bridge to the popular Jumeirah Beach Walk Precinct along with road and monorail connections. This will definitely be one of Dubai’s key attractions when finished.

8. Dubai Frame

Dubai key attractions
The Dubai Frame is perfectly perched between Dubai’s historic centre and modern Downtown heart, and one of the newest Dubai key attractions in the city. Standing at 150m high, the Frame gives visitors excellent views across the city. The two towers are connected by a generous observation deck where you can drink in Dubai’s old and new world developments. If you're afraid of heights the glass floor might be challenging! It’s hard to miss the striking gold cladding and unique design from the sky.

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Dubai key attractions

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