7 features of seaplane tours that make them an unforgettable experience

Posted by Seawings team on Sep 5, 2017 9:31:00 AM

seaplane tours
Here at Seawings flying is our passion, and we are proud of our luxury seaplane tours. If you’re looking for a truly unique scenic tour look no further! Soaring through the sky and taking in the incredible views is something that makes for an unforgettable experience.

 Here are seven ways that seaplane tours stand out from the rest:

1.  Welcome
First impressions count and our friendly staff are ready to welcome you from the moment you arrive. Your seaplane adventure with us begins before you even step foot on the dock. Enjoy friendly smiles, welcome drinks and a comfortable, relaxed check-in before you depart. It’s our job to make sure you’re perfectly primed for your scenic flight.

2. Window seat
Every one of our passengers is comfortably sat in a luxury leather seat right next to the window. There’s no one to get in the way, and there’s something special about getting a window all to yourself. We also offer a premium seat right next to the pilot. You can see all the controls, plus you get the amazing view out the front – perfect for aspiring aviators!

3. Take-off
There’s nothing like the exhilaration of a water-take off, the sensation of skimming across the water into the air is a fantastic experience that you can only have on seaplane tours. The whir of the spinning propellor and the ever so gently feeling of flying into the air from water is incredible. This is definitely a unique selling point for seaplane tours. Did you know our seaplanes use the same landing strip of water as the first seaplanes landing in Dubai in the 1930s? Learn more about the history here

4. Incredible views
Looking down upon a city from 1500 ft is truly unique, even the intricate networks of roads and streets look fascinating from the sky! Gaze down on the the gorgeous Arabian coast and see if you can spot yachts sailing, look out across the skyline and see a collection of towering skyscrapers. There are also some impressive landmarks – like the Palm Jumeirah and World Islands – that can only be truly appreciated in the air.

5. Water landing
The transition from air to water is just magnificent, and seeing the spray fly from the floats is a wonderful sight. If the light hits the spray just right you might even see rainbows. The landing is much smoother than landing in a traditional commercial aircraft, it’s hard to tell the moment when you’ve actually landed on water.

6. Energising finish
Our staff are ready and waiting with a softly scented chilled towel to refresh you after the flight, it’s our special touch to welcome you back after your seaplane tour. It’s often the little things that can make a difference, and this is our way of making your experience just that bit more special.

7. Captain’s Log
We create a unique Captain’s Log photo momento for each flight complete with gorgeous professional photos as well as a picture of you before boarding! Each Captain’s Log is signed by your pilot, making the momento truly unique. It’s a wonderful way to commemorate your experience.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the seaplane tours we offer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the Emirates.

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seaplane tours

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